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Digi Detective provides digital forensics services for individuals, parents, spouses and employers. If you have had a system crash, lost files or pictures or are wondering what your teens, spouse or employees are doing on their cell phones, iPads or computers, we provide these services and so much more.


Did your personal computer, phone, or tablet crash? Was it attacked by a virus that destroyed your data? Did you lose your files, pictures, or other personal information? Approximately 32% of computer users experience data loss each year, resulting in mental stress and sometimes financial loss.  We can help reduce that stress and loss.


Are you concerned or afraid your child is sexting, being bullied, viewing explicit images or visiting adult websites, involved in inappropriate or illicit activities, or online dating? No parent should feel powerless or helpless when it comes to keeping their children safe and knowing what their children are doing online. Let us relieve you of that worry and calm your fears by empowering you with the critical information, visibility, and professional insight you need to intervene early and keep your children safe.


Do you suspect emotional and/or physical infidelity in your relationship? Are you concerned your partner is struggling with online addictions such as pornography, gambling, online dating sites, social media messengers, or chat rooms? You deserve to know the truth and we can help. We are a licensed private investigator in the state of Texas and specialize in digital forensics.


Are you concerned about poor productivity and employees misusing your company provided technology (cellphones/iPads/laptops), to surf the internet during their work day – (shopping, sports/chat rooms, social media sites, conducting job searches, online gaming, visiting inappropriate NSFW websites), or using company office email for personal reasons? Let us help you find or recover the information you need to increase productivity in your business.

We can find and recover the information you need even if the history/data was intentionally or accidentally deleted from the device.

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