About Us

DigiDetective provides digital forensics services for individuals, parents, spouses and employers. If you have had a system crash, lost files or pictures or are wondering what your teens, spouse or employees are doing on their cell phones, iPads or computers, we provide these services and so much more.





DigiDetective was founded by Todd Roeller, a digital forensics expert and a licensed private investigator with over 25 years of information technology expertise. Todd is also the father of four sons and knows firsthand how important it is for a parent to have access to their child’s digital information/electronic footprint, and the feeling of safety, security, and peace of mind this knowledge can provide. Todd knows parents want nothing more than to keep their children safe.

Todd’s passion is to provide fast, comprehensive, and accurate information and analysis to his clients. His investigations typically recover current as well as deleted emails, texts messages, images, location data, calendars, voice messages, internet activity, social media histories/messaging, call logs etc. Todd can then catalogue his findings into a detailed, user friendly report and empower you with the insights and information you need. If you need to know what your teens, spouse, employees, or significant other are doing on their devices, DigiDetective is here for you!

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